Xlendi Cave

Ix Xledni Bay is a typical Gozitan fishing village located in a valley on the south west coast of Gozo. There are a number of bars restaurants and hotels serving the village. And the bay has a small beach, Xlendi bay is very popular with swimmers, snorkelers and divers.

If you enter the water on the left hand side of the valley by the fifth ladder and following a compass heading of 300 degrees you will find the entrance to Xlendi Cave and the tunnel entrance is located just 2 metres deep on the cliff side.  This is a very popular spot for night dives because of its shallow depth.  The cave has an abundance of starfish, sponges, goatfish, damsel and carinal fish.  As divers can surface from many places in the cave it is quite safe and therefore suitable for all levels of diver.  An interesting dive is if you cover the cave at the beginning of the dive and swim through the tunnel exit on the far side of the cliff and then follow the cliff face to the back of Xlendi Bay.  In the summer months there is often the opportunity to see large shoals of barracuda near the Xlendi reef.