Terms and Conditions

  1.  We require a deposit in order to book diving services and provide transport.  In the event of a no show this deposit is forfeited.  If you notify us more than 24 hours before the transport is due to collect you, it may be possible to reschedule your diving / transport.  Please ensure you bring a spare change of dry clothes to change into as it is not possible for us to provide transport to clients wearing wet swimwear.
  2. We allow clients the option to stop after the first confined water session of a Scuba Diver or Open Water course.  At this point the charge will be that of an introductory dive.  After this point the full course fee is due and the next minimum charge is the Scuba Diver fee and crew pack.  If you decide to stop beyond the Scuba Diver course, the full open water fee is charged plus crew pack.
  3. Introductory dives are not refundable if you change your mind once the session has started.
  4. Once you depart for a boat dive, you will be charged for the dive even if you decide not to dive after all.   In the case of a shore diving site such as Blue hole or Wied iz Zurrieq, there is a minimum charge of two dives and both dives will be charged for if you opt to miss one or both.
  5. Special rates apply for groups and in the event of any group members opting to miss one or more dives, no refund will be applicable.
  6. You are responsible for all diving equipment loaned to you and all breakages / losses are chargeable.
  7. Certified divers need to present their qualification card or we must be able to locate them on an online database.  If no proof can be provided of your qualification, we can only offer a beginners programme.
  8. All divers need to complete a medical screening questionnaire.  If you answer Yes to any medical condition you must provide us with a copy of a doctor’s statement, confirming that you are “fit to dive”.