Meet the Team

Paradise Diving have an experienced team of diving instructors and guides.



Neville McLellan

Neville, who is a successful PADI Course Director, now Silver Elite. He first started diving in 1990 and became a Divemaster in 2004, with Rob as his instructor! He passed his IDC and IE in 2005 in Malta and became a dive instructor on the islands the same year. By this time he had become very attracted to the Maltese Islands and its diving community and has very happily remained here since. He is renowned for his great jokes and his passion for DSD’s.​

Rob Fergusson

Rob is the co-owner of Paradise Diving and has over 20 years experience in the industry, mastering his trade on the island of Tenerife. He completed his IDC in 2002 and has never looked back. He has a love of being below the water and of being a boat captain above it. Along with Nev, Rob would like to welcome you to Paradise Diving School.

Liz Gilmore

I am a PADI Staff Instructor, who started diving 10 years ago. I always loved being in the sea, snorkelling or swimming but didn’t realise just how beautiful and peaceful it was until I went for my first dive. Before I started working as a PADI dive instructor, I spent 15 years delivering personal development programmes, instructing outdoor activities and studying for my MSc in Educational Studies. I love my job because I get to meet new people, teach them new skills and introduce them to the underwater world

Linda Burton

Born and raised in Switzerland with Spanish roots, I’ve always enjoyed travelling. Whilst abroad, I fell in love with the beauty of the underwater world and its habitants and decided to become a diving instructor. I came to Malta 6 years ago with the intention to teach diving for a season or two. Well, what can I say, life got in the way and in the meantime I call this island my home. Having had a break from diving during the time our daughter was born, I engaged in environmental activities which has evolved to another passion of mine. I’m happy to be back in a dive shop with Paradise Diving, surrounded by happy divers talking about their adventures.

Lin Gui

Lin started scuba diving in 2008 and is now an IDC Staff Instructor. He owns a diving club in Shanghai China which called Blueinfocus. He came to Malta in 2019 with his family and recently started working here at Paradise.