Speciality Diving Courses

What are your interests?

Have a look at some of our speciality courses. Whatever your interests each course will provide training in that area, improving your skills and knowledge and ultimately making you a more accomplished diver. Remember that each course counts towards your PADI Master Scuba Diver rating. This is the highest non professional level a diver can achieve.

If you can’t find the course you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us from the Enquiries page for more information about other specialities that are available.

All Equipment rental, E-Learning and boat supplement (when required) is included in the price of the courses.




PADI Night Diver Speciality Course €270

Diving at night opens up a whole new mysterious world beneath the waves. Dive sites that you might have dived before transform as day creatures retire and the nocturnal creatures take over. See your favourite dive sites from a whole new perspective at night with the PADI Night Diver Speciality course

To enrol in the PADI Night Diver Speciality Course you must be a PADI (Junior) Open Water Diver and at least 12 years old.

Diving at night focuses on controlling your buoyancy by feel, keeping contact with your buddy and observing the aquatic life that you wouldn’t normally see in the day time.  You will learn:

. Light handling and communication techniques.

. Entering and exiting and navigation in the dark.

. Identifying different plants and animals and recognising their changes in behaviour at night.

Equipment and the E-Learning package is included in the price of the course.

PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Course €190

Having great buoyancy is what all divers aim to achieve, to glide effortlessly underwater, use less air and control your ascents and descents and hover perfectly without disturbing your surroundings. The PADI Peak Performance Speciality Course will assist with fine tuning the buoyancy skills already learned as a beginner.  This course is great fun and you will be surprised on how much your diving has improved after you have completed it.

PADI (junior) Open Water Divers who are at least 10 years old are eligible for this course.

Equipment and the E-Learning package is included in the price of the course.

PADI Deep Diver Speciality Course €270

At some point most divers get the urge to go deeper.  The adventurous side of us wants to know what is down there, whether it be a wreck, marine life or a spectacular wall however with diving deep there comes a greater potential for hazards. The PADI Deep Diver Speciality Course will teach you  how to recognize and deal with these risks.

. This course will also teach you deep dive planning,

. Buddy procedures and buoyancy control,

. how to manage your gas supply,

. Safety considerations and how to recognize and deal with gas narcosis.

Equipment, The E-Learning package and boat charges are included in the price of the course.

PADI Wreck Diving Speciality course €290

If there is one thing Malta has an abundance of it’s ship wrecks.  Some have been down there many years as a result of sinking, and some have been purposely sunk to create artificial reefs for scuba divers. Wrecks are fascinating to explore and are normally teeming with aquatic life.  The PADI Wreck Diver Speciality Course offers the opportunity to explore some of Malta’s wrecks and at the same time to learn responsible wreck diving techniques.

To enrol on this course you must be at least 15 years old and a PADI Adventure Diver or higher.

The Wreck Diver Speciality Course consists of four dives where you will learn:

. Safety considerations for navigating and exploring wrecks

. Surveying and mapping a wreck

. Using safety lines and reels to guide you on exploration

. Techniques to avoid kicking up sediment and disturbing the wildlife.

Equipment, the E-Learning package and boat charges are included in the price of the course.

PADI Enriched Air Diver Speciality course €125

Would you like your dives the last longer? Of course you would, because spending time underwater is the reason we all wanted to learn to dive. Scuba diving with enriched air nitrox will give you longer no-decompression times and shorter surface intervals – the result – you are back in the water quicker.

With the PADI Enriched Air Diver Speciality Course, you will learn how diving, using air with a higher oxygen content and a lower nitrogen content, gives you more bottom time and shorter surface intervals. You will also.

. Discuss managing oxygen exposure.

. Practice analysing oxygen content in your scuba tank.

. Learn to set your dive computer for diving with enriched air nitrox.

PADI (Junior) Open Water Divers who are at least 12 years old can enrol on the Enriched Air Diver Speciality Course.

This is a class room based speciality, the E-Learning pack is included in the price of the course.

PADI E-Learning

E learning is an option to study your course theory at home on your own computer. You do this through PADI’s e learning online facility. PADI charge a separate fee for this facility. This varies according to taxes in your country so click the link to get the current price. If you wish to do e learning, we will give you a discount of 10% off the open water course fee, providing you nominate Paradise Diving Malta as your chosen dive centre when enrolling on the PADI e- learning website. Click here or on the banner below to register and nominate our dive centre automatically. You will not need the crew pack but we will provide a hard copy of the log book.