Inland Sea

The Inland Sea Dwejra, is a lagoon of seawater on the island of Gozo linked to the Mediterranean Sea through an opening formed by a narrow natural arch.

The Inland Sea is an area of shallow water surrounded by rock face and land with an open tunnel leading out in to the sea. The dive will normally start at the tunnel, dropping below the surface before it begins.  Divers must be aware that the tunnel is also used by boats and gets busy in the peak season so care must be taken when travelling through it.

As you drop through the tunnel it will gradually get darker so having a torch is useful but not essential.  The effect of the light as you pass through the tunnel is an impressive sight and may be lessened if you use a torch.  As you come to the seaward end of the tunnel there are two vast columns on either side of you, here you can go either left or right. You will then follow a gradual wall either side  although the seabed slopes off to around 50m, divers rarely go deeper than 20-25m.  Look out for Barracudas and Jacks on this dive!

Divers normally finish their dive at the place they entered but it is possible to exit at the Blue Hole dive site.

The Inland Sea and the Blue Hole dive sites are normally dived on the same day.  At Paradise Diving we normally make it a day excursion.  Travelling over to Gozo by ferry and driving to Dwerja, diving the Blue Hole in the morning then taking a break for lunch at one of the local cafe/restaurants, followed by the Inland Sea in the afternoon.


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