Further Diving Courses

Once you have learned to dive and completed your initial PADI training, you will be looking to progress.

All our courses are internationally recognized in over 180 countries.


PADI Rescue Course

On this course you will learn to prevent and manage problems in and above the
water, and give you knowledge in prevention scenarios to aid others;
The course aims to give you the skills to recognise panic divers and also to rescue unresponsive divers.


EFR Course (Emergency First Response)

This course can be offered not only to divers but is beneficial to all office members.
It will provide general knowledge of first aid and how to use AED thus creating safety awareness in the office environment.


Master Scuba Diver Certification (maximum depth 40 metres)


Hold 5 Specialty Courses;

Be a Rescue Diver or above;

And must also have 50 logged dives to gain this certification.


Dive Master course (maximum depth 40 metres) 

This is an internationally recognised professional certificate
Can be your first step on the professional ladder;
It will enhance your dive skills;
It will refine your rescue skills;
It will help you to anticipate and solve common diving problems with your new found diving knowledge;
Your chance to become a “role model” to new divers. Meet new people, gain experience and have FUN along the way.

PADI Instructor Development Course

A PADI Divemaster who has been a certified diver for six months and has logged close to 100 dives may enroll in the PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC). Over the course of about ten days, the IDC prepares you to teach and conduct all PADI core courses.

PADI E-Learning

E learning is an option to study your course theory at home on your own computer. You do this through PADI’s e learning online facility. PADI charge a separate fee for this facility. This varies according to taxes in your country so click the link to get the current price. If you wish to do e learning, we will give you a discount of 10% off the open water course fee, providing you nominate Paradise Diving Malta as your chosen dive centre when enrolling on the PADI e- learning website. Click here or on the banner below to register and nominate our dive centre automatically. You will not need the crew pack but we will provide a hard copy of the log book.