Find answers to the most common questions regarding diving with us.



Will I need a medical examination by a doctor to dive in Malta?

On arrival at the dive centre we will give you a medical screening questionnaire to answer. Generally if you are in good health, you will not need a medical examination. However, divers over 45 who smoke, and those suffering from certain medical conditions, eg, high blood pressure, will be required to have a medical examination. Divers aged 60 years plus are also required to have a medical regardless of how they answer.

The local doctors are now charging around Euro 20 and the procedure takes only a few minutes. If you already have a ‘fit to dive’ statement from your own doctor, you can submit this instead. Please email us for a copy of the latest medical questionnaire.

What is the minimum age for learning to dive in Malta?

The minimum age is 10 years old, according to PADI training standards for the first qualifications. If your child is of very slight build, you might like to wait until they are a bit older. We have scaled down versions of diving equipment for children but it is nevertheless still heavy for some 10 year olds.

What will the weather be like?

Official weather statistics are included below but in practice it tends to be very hot from June to August and air temperatures consistently at 30 Celsius or more are very common.

Can I rent tanks and dive unaccompanied in Malta?

Both you and your buddy, must be qualified to at least PADI Advanced Open Water Diver, or CMAS 2* or BSAC Sports or equivalent diving qualification. Our dive centre does not rent tanks for unaccompanied diving.

Can my non-diving companion use the beach at Paradise Diving School?

Yes they can, even if they are not resident at the hotel. Non residents wishing to use sunloungers are charged a nominal fee payable to the hotel beach-bar.

How can I check my email?

We provide free Wi Fi access at the dive centre. If you are not bringing a notebook you can use the internet cafe at the hotel. (charges apply)

How can I tell if a dive centre is licensed by the Maltese authorities?

A licensed dive centre is listed on the Malta tourism website, Visitmalta. They operate from fixed premises and will display their license at their premises.
The cowboy operators operate from the back of a van. They have no physical address for a dive centre on their website, because the dive centre does not exist. Their website will have only a mobile phone number, (unlisted of course) and email address, or contact form. Avoid all websites that fail to give you the name and physical address of the dive centre. If you are going boat diving, check if the boat has a commercial vessel certificate. It must also be crewed by a qualified boatman. It is extremely dangerous and illegal to leave a dive boat unattended in the water during the dive. If the dive guide is also the boatman, walk away!