Malta Dive Sites

Malta’s warm water, reefs, caves and wreck diving are suited to all levels of experience.

The calmness and clarity of the sea makes for excellent visibility and creates impressive conditions for first time divers and beginners and for the more experienced diver there are plenty of challenging dives to choose from.

On most days the  clear blue Mediterranean sea is ideal for scuba diving  with coves, beaches and wrecks to be found on the coastlines of the island and on those rare days when the conditions aren’t ideal, we usually visit Valleta and dive within the shelter of the two harbours where the wrecks of HMS Maori and the X127 can be found.  It has to be said, there is always somewhere to dive around Malta!

Diving The Maltese Islands With Paradise Diving

Generally and weather permitting, May to October allows us to provide three boat dives a day, diving off Malta, Gozo, Comino and Cominetto. We return to the beach after each dive so you can have lunch with your not diving companions. The dive boats depart from our own jetty on our beach making this the most convenient diving experience that satisfies all.

Dive boats will be limited during the winter months, we generally dive from the shore at Malta and Gozo sites with limited boat dives to Comino. Visiting Wrecks Reefs and Caverns.